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Voices of Superman
Superman serial
Atom Man vs Superman
Superman and the Mole Men
Kelloggs Intro
Adventures of Superman
Mind Machine
Deserted Village
Superman in Exile
Panic in the Sky
Stamp Day/I Love Lucy
Adventures of Superman (color)
Phoney Alibi
Perils of Superman
Superboy pilot
Superman the Movie
Superman 2
Superman 3 
Superman 4
Superman Returns
Superman Returns 2
Man of Steel
Superboy (Newton)
Superboy (Gerard C.)
Superboy (Gerard C) 2
Lois and Clark
Lois and Clark 2
Smallville 2
Smallville 3
Superman on Broadway
ABC Superman TV special
Superman posters
Superman posters 2
Superman Artists 1
Superman Artists 2
Superman Artists 3
Superman Artists 4
Fleischer Cartoons 1
Fleischer Cartoons 2
"Underground World"
Superman, Superboy, Superfriends
CBS Superman cartoons
WB Kids TV Superman

    Superman/Clark Kent Tim Daly Lois Lane Dana Delany Lex Luthor Clancy Brown Perry White George Dzundza Jimmy Olsen David Kaufman Angela Chen Lauren Tom Martha Kent Shelley Fabares Jonathan Kent Mike Farrell Bruno Manheim Bruce Weitz Maggie Sawyer Joanna Cassidy John Henry Irons/Steel Michael Dorn

Directed by Hiroyuki Aoyama, Curt Geda, Butch Lukic, Toshihiko Masuda, Dan Riba and Bruce W. Timm; Writers: Hillary J. Bader, Stan Berkowitz, Larry Brody, Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, Mark Evanier, Rich Fogel, Steve Gerber, Robert Goodman, Joe R. Lansdale and Bruce W. Timm; Produced by Paul Dini, Bruce W. Timm, Alan Burnett, Haven Alexander, Jean MacCurdy, Shaun McLaughlin and Glen Murakami; Music by Kristopher Carter, Harvey Cohen, Sharon Farber, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis and Shirley Walker;